Katherine D. Morgan in 5 facts:

+Capricorn born on January 13th, 1994

+I have never been camping or hiking.

+I have a misquoted tattoo on my left bicep and I used to cringe whenever I saw it, but now I find it kind of ironic since it’s a quote about trying again if you fail.

+I used to drink a lot of mixed drinks and never drink beer, but now I really only drink beer.

+My Instagram name has been “Blcktinabelcher” for the past…6 or 7 years, and my friends refuse to let me change it.

Oh, wow, hello there!

Katherine D. Morgan is an essayist living in Portland, Oregon, with her cat Ramona. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming at The Rumpus, Portland Mercury, HelloGiggles, Pass/Fail, Ravishly, JMWW, and The Establishment. Her essay about the presidential election of Donald Trump will be featured in the upcoming anthology Fury: Women’s Lived Experience During the Trump Era, published by Pact Press in May 2020. She spends her evenings working at Powell’s Books and is an undergraduate student seeking a Bachelor of Science in English and writing at Portland State University. She has spent countless hours sitting on her couch watching Frasier, and yet, she still cries every time she watches the series finale.

Photograph by Cait Pearson.